Problem with mail() function.

the mail() function

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Hello nunkstop.
Possible causes:

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$to =;
$mess = "This is message";
$subject = "test mail";
$header = "From :";
$header = "From :";

Antispam system on your host + on gmail can detect it as Possible Email Spoofing
2) mail() function disabled for security reasons.(I saw a lot of hosting which disables it)
3) Wrong syntax $to =;
Right $to ='';
+ when sending your mails always use Return Path:
I create two mail address of my host, and using it to send mail to gmail ---> it's work well, and from gmail to it ---> it's also work well.
It is nothing to do with PHP on most cases it is Mailer Daemon and it send/accept mails directly not using PHP in this case.

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