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Displaying image from folder

Postby vladapoz » Mon Nov 14, 2011 2:49 pm

Hello everyone,
I'm new in PHP coding,but I want to learn.I'm making my first php website and I'm stuck with displaying images.Ok,I'm made join,login form,in join form I was insert code for making folder when you register on site,folder get name from your username and this is work very good.But when I want to display images form folder I need to give address of folder,so i just give address like "Images/$username/",i give username because I want to display images form speciffic folder and user choose from which folder he wants to see pictures.Unfortunately this works only for register user and open folder only of that user which is the username.
I making website for advertising,and I want on firs page to show ads with small picture with some text,and when guess click on ads site redirect then to that ads with full description and images.If you need more information ask me and I will give you.
Thanks in advance to everybody

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