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adding functions to image upload

Postby robbiejo » Fri Aug 12, 2011 2:48 pm

Hello, i am working with an image upload script. It is working good, but the script is uploading two images from the same image. Ofcourse it is my lack of knowledge of php, but i have tryed of to unlink variabeles or change paths. At the end for me php gives only faults as return or the script stop with working. Hopfully somebody can help me out here. Thanks in advance.
The full script is;

Code: Select all

// Access the $_FILES global variable for this specific file being uploaded
// and create local PHP variables from the $_FILES array of information
$fileName = $_FILES["uploaded_file"]["name"]; // The file name
$fileTmpLoc = $_FILES["uploaded_file"]["tmp_name"]; // File in the PHP tmp folder
$fileType = $_FILES["uploaded_file"]["type"]; // The type of file it is
$fileSize = $_FILES["uploaded_file"]["size"]; // File size in bytes
$fileErrorMsg = $_FILES["uploaded_file"]["error"]; // 0 for false... and 1 for true
$fileName = str_replace(" ", "_", $fileName); // De spaties
$fileName = preg_replace('#[^a-z.0-9]#i', '', $fileName); // filter the $filename
$kaboom = explode(".", $fileName); // Split file name into an array using the dot
$fileExt = end($kaboom); // Now target the last array element to get the file extension

// START PHP Image Upload Error Handling --------------------------------
if (!$fileTmpLoc) { // if file not chosen
    echo "ERROR: Please browse for a file before clicking the upload button.";
} else if($fileSize > 5242880) { // if file size is larger than 5 Megabytes
    echo "ERROR: Your file was larger than 5 Megabytes in size.";
    unlink($fileTmpLoc); // Remove the uploaded file from the PHP temp folder
} else if (!preg_match("/\.(gif|jpg|png)$/i", $fileName) ) {
     // This condition is only if you wish to allow uploading of specific file types   
     echo "ERROR: Your image was not .gif, .jpg, or .png.";
     unlink($fileTmpLoc); // Remove the uploaded file from the PHP temp folder
} else if ($fileErrorMsg == 1) { // if file upload error key is equal to 1
    echo "ERROR: An error occured while processing the file. Try again.";
// END PHP Image Upload Error Handling ----------------------------------
// Place it into your "uploads" folder mow using the move_uploaded_file() function
$moveResult = move_uploaded_file($fileTmpLoc, "uploads/$fileName");
// Check to make sure the move result is true before continuing
if ($moveResult != true) {
    echo "ERROR: File not uploaded. Try again.";
// Include the file that houses all of our custom image functions
// ---------- Start Adams Universal Image Resizing Function --------
$target_file = "uploads/$fileName";
$resized_file = "uploads/resized_$fileName";
$wmax = 700;
$hmax = 400;
ak_img_resize($target_file, $resized_file, $wmax, $hmax, $fileExt);
// ----------- End Adams Universal Image Resizing Function ----------
// ---------- Start Adams Convert to JPG Function --------
if (strtolower($fileExt) != "jpg") {
    $target_file = "uploads/resized_$fileName";
    $new_jpg = "uploads/resized_".$kaboom[0].".jpg";
    ak_img_convert_to_jpg($target_file, $new_jpg, $fileExt);
// ----------- End Adams Convert to JPG Function -----------
// ---------- Start Adams Image Watermark Function --------
$target_file = "uploads/resized_".$kaboom[0].".jpg";
$wtrmrk_file = "watermark.png";
$new_file = "uploads/protected_".$kaboom[0].".jpg";
ak_img_watermark($target_file, $wtrmrk_file, $new_file);
// ----------- End Adams Image Watermark Function -----------
// Display things to the page so you can see what is happening for testing purposes
echo "The file named <strong>$fileName</strong> uploaded successfuly.<br /><br />";
echo "It is <strong>$fileSize</strong> bytes in size.<br /><br />";
echo "It is an <strong>$fileType</strong> type of file.<br /><br />";
echo "The file extension is <strong>$fileExt</strong><br /><br />";
echo "The Error Message output for this upload is: $fileErrorMsg";

I'll think that the problem for my is in the Image Resizing part and the Watermark Function part.

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