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Reading from Memo field using odbc_fetch_array

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Reading from Memo field using odbc_fetch_array

Postby massoud » Mon Jun 20, 2011 9:18 pm

Hi every one.
I'm working on a PHP application using MS-Access database. I have a Text field (255 character long ) so the user enters comments. Since 255 characters is too short, I decided to change the field type to Memo .
Before doing this, the " <?=$row['note']?> " code printed out the text without any problem. However, when I changed the field to Memo , it prints nothing or sometimes some odd characters like @ ...
I'm using odbc_fetch_array to retrieve the data from my db.
I've checked the contents of the table and the data has been written in the table correctly.

Thanks for the help
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New php-forum User
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