Apache2 access.log reading by php gets access denied error

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Apache2 access.log reading by php gets access denied error

Postby CqN » Tue Nov 30, 2010 2:20 pm

I think this is my first post here, please bear with me. I have used
apache/php for many years. Now trying to bring it on a new unbuntu
system: Apache/2.2.11 + PHP 5.2.6.
My logs are on /v/x/a2/. In previous systems, I was able to
use php or cgi scirpts to read the access.log for analysis or copy to
other files from php web pages running on the same server or by cgi
scripts. But on this one when I try, I get an acces denied when
trying to read the fie or cp. The file itself has mode 770 and
groupid of apache's. The same scripts can access copies of this file
put in other directories, including the usual web page directory.
I have even added, as an experiment, to the apache.conf [which I did
not have in previous working servers of mine, andd where I could read the log file through cgi script]:
<Directory "/v/x/a2">
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

Adding the above, and restarting the server, still access to any
of the files in that directory, is getting denied.
Any suggestion is appreciated for the cause, and how it possibly can
be configured so that my own php scripts can look at the access and
erro log files. Thank you very much!
Cordially, CqN

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