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Sun Jan 21, 2007 12:47 pm


I have a seriouse problem regarding SOAP. I made a soap client which contacts a (I believe) .net soap server, and takes about 30 seconds to respond.
I have located the problem, and that is here:

Code: Select all

// Takes less than 1 second
$client = new soapclient("path/to/my/file.wsdl");

// Takes about 15 seconds
$result = $client->myfunction($myarray);

// Takes less than 1 second
$client2= new soapclient("path/to/my/file2.wsdl");

// Takes about 15 seconds
$result2 = $client2->myfunction($myarray2);
I have tried this on 4 servers (2 servers on a 2gbit connection, 1 on a 100mbit connection, 1 on a 2mbit connection) which all have installed freebsd 6.1 or 6.2 and it always takes 30 seconds... but... on my friends server, installed with freebsd 6.1 on a 30mbit connection it takes about 5 seconds total.. AT MOST!

What am I doing wrong?

I have tried the following:
* Checked my settings
* Checked my server settings
* Reinstalled server with apache and freebsd ect.
* Reinstalled server with only php (and the necesary stuff)
* Reinstalled server and used the php.ini file of my friends server
* Searched google
* Searched google
* Searched google
* Searched google

What is my problem depending on? I really need help... am on a deadline :S

Any ideas what this can depend on? Ideas on how to debug this (couldn't get xdebug to work)? Ideas on how I can outsmart this problem? PLEASE HELP!

// Paul Peelen[/list]

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