i've read that php & mysql is oen of the best combo...

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Oleg Butuzov
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Mon Jul 22, 2002 12:28 pm

I using apache under Windows for development
and unix for hosting my projects...

apache is more (IMHO) good for hosting...

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Tue Jul 23, 2002 10:53 pm

littlejim wrote:is this true?

I am building a free book trading service and I am planning to choose php&mysql to do this project

I am running windows advance server, another question I have is, should I use IIS 5.0 to host my php pages, or should I use windows version of apache to host it?

any feedback is appreciated. thanks!

ps. what is RTFM?

Pejone is right, cause most more hosting in internet build under UNIX(LINUX) platform. You can have a problem if you create project under Wintel platform and move to UNIX hosting platform. PHP under Windows and Unix equal, but some string, path and end char different....
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Thu Aug 01, 2002 4:17 am

I developed my websites using PHP running under IIS on a W2K platform. I didn't have any problems in uploading them to a Unix based server. Mind you, when coding the site I did it ensuring the codes would work on both, the only difference really is the directory structures, so I made one file which was accessed by all scripts to detect the OS and operate accordingly.

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