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Security issues related to php and mysql usage. How to make your code secure? Security measures and configurations? It's all in here!

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Sun Mar 28, 2004 5:16 pm

Ok first we would need to take a look at how many colums you have.
Second at the way that your database is set up, especially the way that your data variables are set up ex: username varchar(100) is just a waste of precious space if you know what i mean...
Then if you have that many hits you could upload the database more than once a day you also could ( alhough i dont know if it would help the time issue) create a table for every hour and then have the script write the query to a corresponding table. I dont know, as i have already said, if it would help the time issue, but i think theoretically it should... It just depends on the way that the database it written, what i think it might do though is when you execute a query and within that query try to add something to the table the program might load the table in RAM, then modify it in there and write the result to the disk... If thats the case having more tables would help you if it's not the case then this time-saver is out. the only thing with this is that your uploading is going to be a little bit more complex since instead of selecting data all at once you would have to select it table by table but if you can accomplish that i would give it a try...

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