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Css problems

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Css problems

Postby Redcircle » Mon Dec 29, 2003 2:19 pm

I've been racking my brain and cannot figure this out. In IE my images overlap the images. I need it to look like it does in mozilla.

anyone have any suggestions?
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Postby liquedus » Mon Dec 29, 2003 5:49 pm

are you setting your z-index properly?


#2 will always overlap #1 :wink:
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Re: Css problems

Postby mallory » Thu Oct 20, 2011 6:52 am

Hi i have 2 problems .I use xampp.
First one i make simple site with registration .I register one user everything is ok -it makes save in database but when i try to log it return me wrong user name or password .My php code is ok because i use ready one . It thing the problem is in xampp.Can I set xampp to login in my site.
Second problem is with css .I use template ,menu and login form each one have css doc when i combine them they stop working how can i use 3 css doc without problems
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