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Postby swirlee » Sun Nov 16, 2003 12:26 am

Interesting problem. First of all, by your example I'm not sure how you intend to collect the data. I'd suppose you'd have a grid of <input type="text" name="matrix[m][n]"> boxes, where m and n are the column and row, respectively. Since you're using multidimensional arrays (the PHP equivalent of a matrix), so your <input>s would have the following names:

Code: Select all

matrix_a[0][0]  matrix_a[1][0]  matrix_a[2][0]  matrix_a[3][0]
matrix_a[0][1]  matrix_a[1][1]  matrix_a[2][1]  matrix_a[3][1]
matrix_a[0][2]  matrix_a[1][2]  matrix_a[2][2]  matrix_a[3][2]

...and so on. Then you'd have a second, similar grid of <input>s for the n x k matrix.

With me so far? Since m, n, and k are unknown (I'm assuming), you'd just have PHP generate the <input> grid with a nested for() loop, something like this:

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<form method="GET" action="script.php">
$m_max = 3; // the number of columns in the m x n matrix
$n_max = 2; // the number of rows for m x n, cols for n x k
$k_max = 4; // you get the picture..

// generate the m x n <input> grid
for($m = 0; $m < $m_max; $m++) {
   for($n = 0; $n < $n_max; $n++) {
      echo '<input type="text" name="matrix_a[' . $m . '][' . $n . ']">';
   echo "<br/>\n";

echo "<br/>\n";

// generate the n x k grid
for($n = 0; $n < $n_max; $n++) {
   for($k = 0; $k < $k_max; $k++) {
      echo '<input type="text" name="matrix_b[' . $n . '][' . $k . ']">';
   echo "<br/>\n";
<input type="submit">

There, now you have two nice grids of text input fields. The first (m x n) will dump into a multidimensional array called $matrix_a, and the second (n x k) into $matrix_b.

Now's where it gets interesting. You have to do some math. Either you can read up on matrix multiplication and write your own implementation, or (and this is what I recommend), you can just use someone else's. PEAR has a good Math component, or you could try the PHP Math Library Project, or, if all else fails, just Google it. Have fun!

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