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Lycos VDS

Post by AeroX » Sat May 24, 2008 5:25 pm

Lycos ofer Virtual Dedicated Servers for a reasonable price.

These give you the same power that a Dedicated Server would do, but with lower costs, as less hardware is used in running them because the provider can host multiple VDS on one of their dedicated servers.

With one of them you have full root access and a website control panel for starting, stoping & restarting the dedicated server. And because they are virtual if you want a disk space upgrade their is no need to wait for a new drive to be fitted because all they have to do is increase your disk space quota.

On mine i have apache, php, mysql, svn & ftp running.
I have 6 domains hosted on it.

However you do need to have some experience with linux to be able to install & configure all the services you want to run from it.
You also get to choose which disto you want to use: Debian Woody, Debian Sarge, Fedora Linux, RedHat 9.0, Mandriva LE 2005.

If you want to have a look go to:

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