Where may I host my php/mysql web site ?

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Postby CodeMe » Thu Mar 07, 2013 3:57 pm

ok i came here because it's still php & you guys know your shit much better than i do, since I'm a day one bloody Noob lol. & ionCube forum for some reason is not letting people post & I'm so needing some help.

OK well My issue is that it says this when I run the wizard loader

with this address

Loader Installed
The ionCube Loader version 4.2.2 for PHP 5.3 is already installed and encoded files should run without problems.

But my Error tells me this even after the install is telling me all is fine :roll:

Site error: the file /home/content/93/"some :D numbers"/html/eroticdesktops/wpmovies/config.php requires the ionCube PHP Loader to be installed by the website operator. If you are the website operator please use the ionCube Loader Wizard to assist with installation.

ok so i open the cpanel & the IonCube folder & 5.3 is in there, yet i still get this error.

I'm new to php & installing this is my day one, which i got right thank god.
so if you can help, please in layman's terms lol.. if there is such a thing in php or working this zend stuff out please lol

Thanks Guys in Advance :lol:

Also P.S

I also had to add this line below to get it to work on godaddy linux php5.3

You can use Zend Guard Loader, a free application, to decode your website's Zend files if you use PHP 5.3.

NOTE: If you use any version of PHP other than 5.3 (for example, 5.2), you must use Zend Optimizer to decode your Zend files. For more information, see Using Zend Optimizer.

To use Zend Optimizer or Zend Guard with our hosting accounts, you must disable APC. For more information, see Disabling APC on Your Hosting Account.

To enable Zend Guard Loader, you must either modify or create a php5.ini file that includes the following code:


Lol this Zend stuff with Godaddy just gets even more complicated right lol

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