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Fri Apr 09, 2004 11:15 pm


Can anyone tell me that is it possible to develop the Live Marquee Java Applet with php as shown in top of the following site.


Vikas Garg

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Sun Apr 11, 2004 4:10 pm

I beleive you could develop a similar applet using PHP and JavaScript. Ok first and foremost though, PHP and JavaScript(JS) dont really work well with each other.
Secondly if you really dont want to write any code there is a similar programs you can download HERE.
Finally the way your program will work is this you will create a JS applet that will setup the window for your marquee whichever way you want. then you can use php to say retreive data from a file or a database and then put it into javascript variables.

Code: Select all

<script language="JavaScript"> 
var somejsvar = <?php echo $somephpvar?>; </script>

From here if you need to manipulate the variables using JS go right ahead if not just display them werever you need. By the way, if you do not need to manipulate data using JS i would skip the assigning vars process and use PHP variables right in the JS print statements...

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