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Wordpress child Theme-Storefront<br>

I am testing a website with these many plugins provided by woocommerce and skyverge.<br>Claims it works well even if i use all plugins in terms of speed but no solution.
#Tested online with Couple of plugins its fast with nos above its too slow.
Tested/ing on wamp same results.[img][img][/img][/img]

 - wamp 3.0.9 All versions.. 
 - Apache version 2.4.23 2.4.27    
 - php version5625 7.0.10 7.0.22  7.1.8 
 - mysql version 5.7.14  5.7.19

This rules out  problem on system or wamp server

<br>***With all  due respect  do not recommend not  to use so many plugins.i need real genius solutions who can work this out.<br>Light weight like feather and fast like lightning.<br>
minifying merge refereshvetc no result rather that broke my site.
<br>Does Post is used.<br>
Can we merge plugins to theme core using child theme without considering updates as of now?**<br>
googled many sites but no result.
changing it to
not using seo,xml sitemap,akisminet, caching or security plugins like w2cahche,wordfence etc.Editing php.ini--httpd-conf  file  changing ports servers etc<br>
Other solutions please<br>
Servers makes difference to some extent yes but  looking forward on normal server online/offline.<br>

P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) results plugins after ==<br>

>  Advanced Metrics Total Load Time: 	21.6840seconds avg.<br> Site Load
> Time: 	15.1632seconds avg.<br> Profile Overhead: 	6.5208seconds
> avg.<br> Plugin Load Time: 	12.2772seconds avg.<br> Theme Load Time:
> 	0.2496seconds avg.<br> Core Load Time: 	1.9344seconds avg.<br> Margin of Error: 	0.7020seconds avg.<br> (21.6840 observed, 20.9820
> expected)<br> Visits: 	1 Number of PHP ticks: 	29,504 calls avg.<br>
> Memory Usage: 	84.00 MB avg.<br> MySQL Queries: 	135 queries avg.<br>
> ==============
> Total Plugins: 55 (currently active) 	 Plugin Load Time
> 12.277 (sec. per visit) 	 Plugin Impact
> 81.0% (of page load time) 	 MySQL Queries 135 per visit

    Runtime By Plugin
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