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Php and javascript

Postby Lupigando » Mon Jul 14, 2014 1:53 pm

I am writing a code with php to autologin to a website with cUrl , i did that successfully , but my aim not to login only , i want to navigate through some pages in the site and print data , it's not a problem it can be done with cUrl , but in my case , there is an .aspx page containing combobox , with javascript _dopostback , so i need to excute a javascript to bypass it and it's impossible with curl ....
The login page is
Page with combobox

Any ideas :) ?

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Re: Php and javascript

Postby landi » Wed Aug 06, 2014 2:50 am

I've only used curl a couple of times and so I don't know about any tricks to call javascript, but IHMO it is unlikely since js is executed by the browser, and curl does not emulate a browser, it just retrieves data using http etc.

I'm not sure WHY you want to do this, so it is difficult to think of alternatives but assuming you are trying to print a report that you can get after selecting multiple parameters from the drop downs, then one of these ideas might help:

1) If you only need one set of values, set the drop downs manually to those values and look at the final url that is called. It's probably something like run_report.aspx?acedemic_year=2012&semester=fall. You could then use curl to call that directly.

2) Or: If you need to change the parameters, then find out where jquery is getting the values from, and get them yourself and then do (1)

3) Or: Write a php page to run the javascript and call that from the browser that is runing the page you write (maybe in an iframe).

Hope that helps

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