Need Help in Creating Run Time PHP Pages.

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Need Help in Creating Run Time PHP Pages.

Postby ZackY29 » Sun Jul 21, 2013 4:46 am

Hello All,
Well I am new to this forum and just came to get the answer of one question. :cool:
I am working on building one PHP based site and have to add one feature to it. But I am not sure how I can achieve this. May be any of you can help me. Thanks in advance, ;) here's the thing I wanna achieve:-

My site has total 2 pages. On one page there is one form where user will enter one "ID" for ex. "ID1234", as soon as he entered this, the whole site [of 2 pages] must be duplicated with this new ID used in domain.
Ex. If my site name is "www . mywebsite . com", then a duplicated site must have this kind of link "www . mywebsite . com/ID1234" or "www . mywebsite . com/?R=ID1234".

I have to urgently make this thing work out. All the responses will be appretiated. Thank you :) :help:

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