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Re: Syntax error using email as field

Posted: Tue May 28, 2013 10:17 pm
by developerahusain
Hi Jim

Your insert query looks bit fussier. Even i'm not able to find out syntax error.
you use this mysql query which is short and easy to use. You edit this query and modify it as you want

if(mysql_query("insert into f0001_name(mn,en,Title,Fullname,Fname,Lname,Mname,Oname) values ('"
.$_SESSION['mn']."','".$_SESSION['en']."','".$titel."','".$_POST['txtfullname']."','".$_POST['txtfirstname']."','".$_POST['txtlastname']."','".$_POST['txtmiddlename']."','".$_POST['txtothername']."')") or die("the eror ".mysql_error()))