External Page that i open inside iframe

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External Page that i open inside iframe

Postby r35pecta » Fri Feb 15, 2013 8:57 am

Hy i have this problem:

I create a website like this.
Index.php have a iframe inside and all link open there with target=”myiframe”
I have in a include folder the page that I open inside the iframe:

Include/home.php (homepage scr iframe)
Include/ferrari.php (content inside talking about Ferrari)
Include/bmw.php (content inside talking about BMW)

I want to know if is possible that when users found on internet search my external page
Include/ferrari.php -> http://club.gircina.ro/ include/ferrari.php
if they click on link the page open inside iframe and not normal without iframe.

I want this beacause the website have header menu footer and if they click on
external the page not load all of these

HERE a exemple of what I say: http://club.gircina.ro/

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