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Hi All,
I am a php developer. Please help me out in coding with how a database table will convert to .bkp file after some while , so that more n more data can be saved in a table in compreesed form. Please help,Please help,Please help,Please help,Please help,Please help.

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If you are using mysql db then you can use the following command by which you can easily make a back-up file for your database. The command are mention bellow :-
[root]# mysqldump -u [username] -p [password] [db_name] > [backfile.sql]

now you can easily replace the variable with in the bracket [] by the required information. By this you will easily make your backup file. If you want to take backup of some specified file then you will use the following command.

[root]# mysqldump --add-drop-table -u [username] -p [password] [db_name] [tablename1] [tablename2] > [backfile.sql]

Antrikssh.... :)

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