PHP - How to send HTML to other script ?

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Re: PHP - How to send HTML to other script ?

Post by xeniar » Fri Feb 03, 2012 1:38 pm

As long as the HTML is generated in a .php page you can simply dump it all into a [session?] variable to allow PHP to move it around.

Like so:

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$var = "<HTML><title>HTML PAGE!</title><div>Some text</div><table<tr><td>Tables work too</td></tr></table><marquee>Any HTML will work!</marquee>";
As far as it being able to be converted into PDF from that state, I don't know as I've never dealt with PDF conversion, but if the converter class is a PHP class then I would assume it wont have too much trouble with it (as long as the converter class itself can support HTML tags that is)

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