How to create google competetion checker tool

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How to create google competetion checker tool

Postby snehamehra » Wed Jan 18, 2012 10:23 pm

I want to create a php script which I can both upload to my a website. The script needs to function on both HTML / CSS and Wordpress-based websites.

If a user pastes in a list of keywords and the tool should return the number of pages competing in Google for that keyword.

For example: />
The above tool, however, is limited to only checking 10 keywords at a time and can't check search strings such as: allintitle:"keyword"

The tool I need would be able to check 100 keywords at a time, could search for allintitle / inurl and "&page=999" as well as for different countries i.e / etc

Can anyone help me in creating the script?

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