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Tue Jun 28, 2011 7:44 am

Hi all,

We've just released a major update to our PHP Short Url Script. It now includes user registration and a full members area. See the demo below to try it out.



- NEW in v2.0 * User registration & members area! Users can now create an account and manage all their short urls in one place.
- NEW in v2.0 * Social networking icons to share short urls on Twitter, Facebook, Digg & more.
- Short url statistics - referrer, daily, weekly, monthy visits, countries, browers and more.
- Custom API. Create short urls using your existing websites.
- Translation admin tools so the site can be used in any language.
- Manage any text content on the site via the admin area.
- Multiple language support.
- Translation debugging tools.
- Users can enter a long Url and create a shortened version that redirects to the original.
- Users can enter a custom short url id.
- IP blacklisting - ban users from either the whole site or just creating urls.
- Term blacklisting - ban certain terms or website urls from being used.
- Bookmark shortcut to the site - add 'create short url' link to browser for any site.
- Bookmark shortcut to Twitter - shorten sites directly to Twitter.
- Delayed, top/bottom framed or direct redirects.
- Spam protection - Set minimum time between submissions.
- Spam protection - Set maximum urls a user can create per day.
- Maximum short url uses option.
- Expiry date option for urls.
- Password set option for urls.
- 3 different coloured templates. (easily customise and create new ones)
- Easy Ads - Use the admin interface to easily integrate your banner ads/advert code.
- Report abuse pages/terms and conditions.
- Admin area:
o Short url visits.
o Search urls.
o Disable urls.
o Manage admin users.
o Manage blocked IPs.
o Manage blocked terms.
o Admin dashboard overview page.
o Manage site settings.
o Set template.
o Set redirect type.
o Set banner ad/advert code.
o Modern Ajax interface.
- Written in PHP5.
- Easy installation.
- Simple, clean, ajax style look and feel.

More Info/Purchase:

Feel free to post or PM me if you have any questions.

Thanks for your time,


Wed Nov 23, 2011 2:57 am

Hi all,

This has just been updated to version 2.1. For all the release information see our website at


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