php open new window with sql result

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php open new window with sql result

Postby codesearcher » Thu Apr 24, 2014 7:10 am

I have this first page it has a text input type and a button input type.
What I want to achieve is to open a new windows where a list of departments from sql result are shown like this:

deptid1 | deptname1 | button |
deptid2 | deptname2 | button |

Then, when I click the button, on deptid1 row, it will close this new window, and the value of deptname1, will be
the value of the text input type on the first page.

I dont see any example from google so I asked here instead.

I am only learning php on google tutorials, I hope you can share me your knowledge on this.
Please help me on my self study.
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Re: php open new window with sql result

Postby seandisanti » Fri Apr 25, 2014 10:10 pm

a combination of JQUERY and AJAX would be your best bet on that one. Any time you want to interact with the user, you want to use asynchronous scripting using jquery or javascript to handle the input. One thing you can do is simulate the new window with a styled div that appears when necessary using jquery toggle, here's a demonstration of hide/show with toggle:

Then once they've selected something in the window, you can use an ajax post to send a request to your server, and then receive and display the response without even having to leave the page. here's an example of that: ... t_post.asp

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