Blocking Tor-Network (Imageboard)

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Blocking Tor-Network (Imageboard)

Postby ado0815ado0815 » Tue Mar 25, 2014 4:53 am

Hy guys,

i want to start a imageboard, with "TinyIB" i like this, but is not a proxy-check implemented, this is a problem, bad users posting cp or other bad stuff with tor.

i have found follow php code:

Code: Select all

and this:

Code: Select all

if ( isTorRequest())


but where to put it?
follow php files are exist:

/inc/defines.php, /inc/functions.php, /inc/html.php

i know this code is not 100% accurate but is enough for me, please help me to implement this code successfully.

(sorry for bad english)

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