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Get the rank of a user in a score table, but rank only if a

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Get the rank of a user in a score table, but rank only if a

Postby nightkarnation » Wed Dec 04, 2013 3:27 pm

Hey guys,

Here's a simplified table...

    Name | Score| Type |
    Gustavo |10 | VsStory |
    John |22 | VsRandom|
    test |3 | VsStory |

Here's a working query to only get the ranking of a specific user based on his score...

Code: Select all
SELECT 1 + (SELECT count( * ) FROM highscores a WHERE a.score > b.score ) AS rank FROM
highscores b WHERE Name = 'Gustavo' AND Type = 'VsStory' ORDER BY rank LIMIT 1 ;

but the problem I am having is that the column called Type is not respecting the Type = 'VsStory' ... for example in this query, Gustavo gives a rank value of 2...when it should be 1... for some reason Type column is not being processed to only count the VsStory values and not all the rows disregarding if its VsStory or VsRandom...

Any ideas??

Thanks a lot in advance!
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