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combine tow tables orders_and_servies

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combine tow tables orders_and_servies

Postby onadvance » Tue Jan 22, 2013 10:42 am


I have two tables.
The first one, "services", contains the services
service_id = 1
service = service_one
service_id = 2
service = service_two
an so on

In the other table, "orders", I've stored the services that clients have ordered:
order_id = 1
server_id = 1
client_id = 54

order_id = 2
service_id = 1
client_id = 54

and so on

I retrived the posts, already ordered and placed in the table "orders"
So far I have come.
$ordered = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM services, orders
services.service_id = orders.service_id AND
orders.client_id = '".$_GET['id']."' ");
while ($order = mysql_fetch_array($ordered))
echo ' <tr>';
echo ' <td>';

echo ''.$order['service'].'</td>';
echo ' <td><input type="checkbox"';
if ($order['service_id'] != 0)
echo 'checked = "checked"';
echo 'name="service" value="'.$order['service_id'].'"></td>';
echo ' </tr>';

What I need is to retrive a COMPLETE LIST of the services in which the already ordered posts are checked in the checkboxes
(I have modified the code to simplify my question)

Thanks for any assistance
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