simple script to browse/search db

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simple script to browse/search db

Postby feast0610 » Mon Sep 03, 2012 11:33 am

Greetings.. I'm just going nuts here. I'm new to Php and Mysql.. but not to html.

I'm trying to do a php script that can be used as a server side include on an html page that would allow people (everyone) to browse a database OR to search a database.

This is for our small local Historical Society which is trying to make the obituaries they get, available.. by name.. via the web page so people can see if they have an obit and ask for it.

I KNOW this should be a simple do.. but I can't seem to get past getting the excel database imported into our web host's mysql .. and use our web host's phpMyAdmin to make sure everything is there.. but i can't figure out how to make the browse or search queries via the web page.. thusly:

AA, Leta Juanda obituary
AB, Willa Mae Obituary
ABE, Antonio obit/pic
ABI, Abr Obituary
ABI2, Ant obit/pic FHC/Pix

there are 7.5K records.. so the browse query should show say.. 50-100 per page OR ALL

Thanks in advance.. big time!

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