is it possible ?????????????...

Codes here !

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Thu Aug 29, 2002 8:13 am

I knw dat its possible to force mysql to create a temporary table with the option


but i like to knw if its possible to do a SELECT in this table ??????? and if yes how?

My prob is that i wanna do a kind of left jonction on the same table ?!?...I knw its sounds wierd but its like dat....

So i have two queries
the first one:
SELECT LName, FName,, views, content, idlink, FROM member, forum WHERE forum.type LIKE 'topic' AND forum.authorID = member.ID ORDER BY date DESC

the second one
SELECT t1.*, FROM forum AS t1, forum AS t2 WHERE = t2.idlink ORDER BY DESC

I d like to do the second one on the result of the first one....
is it possible...
thanxs for your help


Thu Aug 29, 2002 11:00 am

double post:

VERY annoying, please don't do it, just post you're question in the forum wich suits you're question most. (wich of the 2 you posted, is here, but I allready replyed in the other)

Greetz Daan

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