Retrieve data and sort into table: Help!

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Retrieve data and sort into table: Help!

Postby lennox24 » Sun May 20, 2012 12:42 am

Hi all - I am a newbie to PHP so I would really appreciate some advice on a query.

I have a very simple form to enable a user to retrieve data from a mysql database. The first element on the form is two radio buttons, which give the user the choice whether to include a gender field in the returned table.

The second element is a selection box that allows a user to select a value from 7 values to sort data on and then display these in a table.

The third element is another selection box that allows a user to select the value ascended or descended to sort the data in ascended or descended order in the table.

The data should be sorted as explained above and displayed in one table. I have created the php file that I need and installed it on the web server the connection are all fine, but I am struggling with the sql query and the code to return the sorted data into a table. Can any of you experts advise me on how I should go about coding this.

Kind Regards :help:

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