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Search Query

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Search Query

Postby snigdha » Tue May 15, 2012 10:58 pm

Hi, I wanna solution for retrieving records based on the following criteria:
I have some Restaurants with the cuisines as follows:

Restaurant 1 - Chinese, Japanese
Restaurant 2 - Chinese
Restaurant 3 - North Indian, Mexican, Chinese
Restaurant 4 - Hyderabadi, Chinese

When I perform a filtered Search i.e. if Chinese check box is clicked, I want the records to be displayed in the following order
Restaurant 2 - Chinese
Restaurant 1 - Chinese, Japanese
Restaurant 4 - Hyderabadi, Chinese
Restaurant 3 - North Indian, Mexican, Chinese

that is in Restaurant 2 Chinese is in Order1, in Restaurant 1 Chinese is in Order1 following other cuisine, in Restaurant 4 Chinese is in Order2 and in Restaurant 3 Chinese is in Order3

So can anyone plz help me how to write query for retrieving Search results like the above.
In Restaurants table I have Cuisine Id.
Also tried using separate table for storing Cuisine ID of Restaurants (ie if Restaurant 1 has Restaurant ID 20 and with 2 Cuisines the details will be stored as follows:
Rest Id Cuisine ID
20 45
20 24

Please help me to solve the above...

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New php-forum User
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Re: Search Query

Postby Nullsig » Thu May 17, 2012 6:53 am

Can you show the structure of the tables you are querying?

The answer will depend on how you are storing the data.
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