Question: "Click to sort" table headings...

Codes here !

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Mon Feb 17, 2003 6:51 am

first of you need another GET variable in yur tablename-links

create a variable $sortOrder = "DESC" if it does not exist, otherwise the GET sortorder-variable.

You need to place it in yur query:

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$query .= " ORDER BY $sort_col $sortOrder";

You need to place it in yur link, but it needs to be the ASC if it has sorted it DESC, so make a switch for it

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switch($sortOrder) {
case "ASC":  $sortOrder="DESC"; break;
case "DESC":$sortOrder="ASC"; break;

then place the new sortOrder in yur link:

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printf ("<th><a href=\"%s?sort=%s&sortorder=$sortOrder\">%s</a></th>\n", 
                urlencode ($col_name),
                htmlspecialchars ($col_name));

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