n00b - passing variables! from HTML to PHP?

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New php-forum User
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Sun Feb 02, 2003 5:27 am

right i made a stats page, but is tehre anyway i can use java script to active the PHP page to record the stats?! this is my script for the php page:

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//getting the user's IP address
//getting the user's Port

//Getting the user's Browser (Agent)

//getting the referries URL

//Put all this into a Database for later viewing:

//connect to the DB

//select DB

//setting the query in a variable, the query, in this case it INSERTS to the db
$query="INSERT INTO cstats (`ip`,`port`,`browser`,`reffer`,`date`) VALUES ('$Rip','$Rport','$b','$r','');";

//running the actual query


al i know it that it would need ot be done over a command line, but not a clue how?!

any help greatly appriciated
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Joan Garnet
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Sun Feb 02, 2003 12:29 pm

I would reload the page with a javascript setTimeOut() calling to a fuction that would reload the page sending some GET variables that then would update the database.

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