Parse error... I'm going crazy

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Parse error... I'm going crazy

Postby Chrisbbw » Wed Oct 10, 2012 2:43 am

Hello guys,

I have this code

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$submit = $_POST['submit'];

if (isset($submit)) {
   mysql_query("INSERT INTO eflyers (name, date, html_source, subject_line, sent_date, resort)
      VALUES ('$_POST[eflyer-name]','$_POST[eflyer-date]','$_POST[html-source]','$_POST[subject-line]','$_POST[sent-date]','$_POST[resort]')");    ?>
   <div id="success">
      <p>The e-flyer has been correctly added to the database.</p>
<?php } ?>

All I have in return is:

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Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '-', expecting ']' in ... on line 21

I don't know what to do!

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Re: Parse error... I'm going crazy

Postby egami » Wed Oct 10, 2012 8:07 am

Change your form to be underscore and not a hyphen.

should be

Hyphen's are No-No's in PHP variables.

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