phpRack v0.1, Integration Testing Framework

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phpRack v0.1, Integration Testing Framework

Postby phpRack » Thu Jul 22, 2010 8:50 am

We are pleased to introduce phpRack, a unique open-source product, aimed to simplify integration of your web products into production environment. You develop integration tests in a way similar to unit tests. Then you deploy them to the production server and phpRack executes them for you in a manual or an automated mode.

With the integration tests you automate server configuration tasks and make your production deployment secure and stable. To recap, phpRack allows you:

- to create PHP integration tests, in a manner similar to PHPUnit
- to execute tests in production environment
- to start/stop tests manually and review results in browser
- to execute all tests in a suite and receive summary report by email
- to restrict access to the testing panel, by password
- to exploit pre-defined adapters for testing of major server components, incl. databases, file system, CPU parameters, PEAR packages, PHP engine, etc
- to hook integration testing process to your continuous integration cycle
- to execute test suite from Phing
- to test both the server environment and your source code there

phpRack is suitable for projects of any size, from small one-page personal web sites to enterprise applications. We're looking forward your comments and suggestions. Thanks in advance for your attention to our product!

ps. We hope this post doesn't break any rules of the forum.

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