Php interpreter empties vars which contains polish signs

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Php interpreter empties vars which contains polish signs

Postby majcher » Mon Sep 10, 2012 6:32 am

Hello everyone.

I have non typical issue about php interpreter. Interpreter is not working properly when I use polish signs in values of vars. I must have is-8859-2 set as encoding characters.

Let's take this simple example for consideration.

Code: Select all

    function bobek($name="ą", $val="ę") {
    bobek('ąąąąąą', 'ęęęęę');

This function dumps nothing. Vars $name and $val exists, but they are empty. But if I change "ą" to "a" and "ę" to "e" everything works fine (strings "aaaaaa" "eeeee" are dumped in this case).

---little annouciation---
This is the first time I head such a issue. I request for help. Unfortunately I am not proficient in settings of php in apache server, so I ask for forbearance. I have been trying find solution on Internet and here in forum before i started this topic.

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