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eurysco - Heuristic System Control

Postby lupigabriel » Thu Jun 12, 2014 6:54 am

Greetings to everyone! :)

I'm working on a project based on PHP and I want to know your opinions :D


eurysco is a free and open source project based on PHP language, in order to enhance and simplify the remote administration of Microsoft operating systems with an intuitive, fast and responsive web interface

    Multiple OS: monitor and manage multiple Microsoft operating systems (system status, process control, process metering, service control, scheduled tasks, events viewer, etc...)

    File Browser: manage file system, upload multiple files, download files, manipulate compressed files and read tail end of text files

    Command Line: command line interpreter application like Microsoft cmd (any commands that do not require user interaction)

    System Registry: advance management of system registry with detailed informations (key name, value name, value type, value data)

    Events Viewer: view real-time information about system, application and security events (event id, event name, description, etc...)

    Scheduled Tasks: manage scheduled tasks and view real-time informations (task name, task status, exit code, triggers, actions, etc...)

    Service Control: advance management of system services with real-time informations (service name, service status, service exit code, cpu usage, memory usage, process name, etc...)

    Process Control: advance management of running processes with real-time informations (cpu usage, memory usage, process id, parent process id, parent service, etc...)

    WMI Explorer: explore windows management instrumentation and view all detailed informations about the internal state of computer systems

    Installed Programs: view detailed information about installed programs (vendor name, software name, version, product code)

    System Inventory: view detailed information about operating system, computer system, cpu, system memory, hard disk, video controller, network and printers

    System Info: view real-time information about operating system, cpu load, memory usage, hard disk usage and connected users

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