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sorting problem in PHP script

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sorting problem in PHP script

Postby begeiste » Tue Aug 16, 2011 10:51 am


Can someone please help me out for the sorting problem for this php script? Because there is no an ability for sorting directories or files?

Any responses will be greatly appreciated it.

Code: Select all
$path = "docs/";

   function createDir($path = '.')
      if ($handle = opendir($path))
         echo "<ul>";
         while (false !== ($file = readdir($handle)))
            if (is_dir($path.$file) && $file != '.' && $file !='..')
               printSubDir($file, $path, $queue);
            else if ($file != '.' && $file !='..')
               $queue[] = $file;
         printQueue($queue, $path);
         echo "</ul>";
   function printQueue($queue, $path)
      foreach ($queue as $file)
         printFile($file, $path);
   function printFile($file, $path)
      echo "<li><a href=\"".$path.$file."\" target=\"_blank \">$file</a></li><br><br>";
   function printSubDir($dir, $path)
      echo "<li><span class=\"toggle\">$dir</span>";
      echo "</li>";
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New php-forum User
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Re: sorting problem in PHP script

Postby egami » Wed Aug 17, 2011 4:15 am

There is, you just create an array from the file listing, then sort the array.
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