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Thu Apr 14, 2011 11:26 am

A little script I have put together to connect to Cisco devices. I guess it could be used to connect to any device, but I wrote this specifically to connect to them and pull configs, check signal levels, errors, etc.

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function connect($host,$cmd,$username,$password) {

    $host = "$";
    $port = 23;
    $timeout = 10;

    $usenet = fsockopen($host,$port,$errno,$timeout);

    if ($usenet) {
        fputs($usenet, "$username\r\n");
        fputs($usenet, "$password\r\n");
        fputs($usenet, "terminal length 0\r\n");
        fputs($usenet, "!BEGIN!\r\n");
        fputs($usenet, "$cmd\r\n");
        fputs($usenet, "!END!\r\n");
        fputs($usenet, "exit\r\n");
        while (!feof($usenet)) {
            $lame[] = fgets($usenet, 256)."\r";
    if (is_array($lame)) {
        foreach($lame as $key => $line) {
            $line = preg_replace('/[\r\n]/','',$line);
            $lame[$key] = $line;
        return $lame;
    } else {
        $out['error'] = $errno;
        $out['mesg']    = "ERROR: Dont know why.";
        return $out;
it would be called as such..

$config_array = connect('','show running-config','username','password');

At this point, you have a cludge and a mess to deal with.. you would have to pass it through a filter, but this is why I put !BEGIN! and !END!

so, you could inevitably clean up your configuration to store it into a db like so..

Code: Select all

foreach($config_array as $key => $line) { 
  if ($record !== TRUE) { 
    if (preg_match('/\!BEGIN\!/',$line)) { 
      $record = TRUE;
  if (preg_match('/\!END\!/',$line)) { 
    $record = FALSE;

  if ($record === TRUE) { 
    $array[] = $line;
unset($array['0']); // this will be the command you asked for

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