PHP installation on Vista home premium with IIS7

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PHP installation on Vista home premium with IIS7

Postby eyecone » Mon May 31, 2010 2:46 am

Hello :help: ,

I am an ASP developer and interested to learn PHP as well. I have Vista home premium and IIS7 working fine for my local development needs. I referred following link guiding to install and configure php with vista/iis7: ... nIIS7.html

For downloading the php, i used and download
php-5.3.2-nts-Win32-VC9-x86.msi and files. First I tried zip file for manual installation and followed all the instructions from above link. Remember, i made a folder c:\PHP and copied all the extracted files into it, renamed php.ini-recommended to php.ini and changed it according to the guidelines. I never found php5isapi.dll into c:\PHP so I couldn't create an isapi filter/mapping handler from IIS. I then removed C:\PHP folder from my pc and tried .msi installation pack and nothing changed after it.

Meantime i realized that my iis7 is not working for my existing asp developments and my localhost was failed also to browse my local sites. I read about APACHE 2.2 installation but that says if any of my program is using post 80 then I have to make it free for apache, so I didn't try it.

All I want to know is there any way to install and configure PHP5 on my vista with iis7 and keep my asp development working from http://localhost/myaspsite so that I can do my routine (asp) work and learn php aside? What php5 version do I need to install and where can I get it?

cheers 8)

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