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.htaccess file

Postby OCSTINGFAN » Thu Aug 17, 2006 3:52 pm

I have a site hosted at GoDaddy and the server has PHP 4.3.11. I need PHP 5 in order to run Media Wiki, which I have already uploaded via FTP to my site's space and created the MySQL database. When I tried to run the install script at http://www.mywebsite.org/wiki, I got a message saying PHP 5 is needed to proceed with the set up.

The Customer Support at GoDaddy said:

"Both PHP 4 and PHP 5 applications can run on your site. By default, PHP 5 files require the .php5 extension, whereas the .php extension will run under PHP 4. You can change these defaults through the htaccess file."

My questions:

1) Does each PHP-driven program (wiki, blog, forum etc.) that I might wish to install over time have its own .htaccess file, or is this a global file for the entire website/URL?

2) I can't see an .htaccess file in my root folder of the webspace in my FTP client. I did find one such file in a subfolder of Media Wiki, but when I saved it on my desktop and tried to open it in Notepad, it did not seem to contain any information other than "Deny All". This may not be the file I need. Where should I be looking for the correct file? Is it acccessible/configurable from within the GoDaddy hosting admin. pages?

3) How exactly does one change the defaults for filename extensions in the .htaccess file?

Thanks for any assistance. I really appreciate it.

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