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Thu Jun 29, 2006 8:51 am


We are trying to get PHP 5 to run as isapi module in IIS. Allthough PHP 5 itself is running, there are some problems.

1. PHP is reading the php.ini file from c:\windows\. How can we get PHP to read another INI file? If we want to run both PHP 4 and 5 as isapi, we can't let them both use the same INI file.

2. In the INI file we have enabled the MySql extension. The extension location is specified correctly in php.ini (and shows correctly in phpinfo), the extension exists and works with PHP 5 as CGI. In PHP 5 as isapi, MySql extension doesn't even show in the phpinfo.

Context: We are a webhosting company and have multiple websites on the servers. Some people use PHP 4, some use PHP 5. Until now we have always been running them as CGI but that has been causing problems now that more sites are running on one server. Specifically, sometimes PHP pages aren't loaded - instead a white page is displayed. Refresh a couple of times and the page shows find, but every now and then it's just a white page. We hoped running PHP as isapi might solve the problem since isapi runs differently. Also, PHP as CGI cannot be controlled by IIS as well as isapi (using application pools and allowing certain CPU loads, memory usage, etc).

Please help.


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