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Advise Please

Postby griff » Thu Oct 24, 2002 5:47 pm

:?: I am a beginner in the PHP arena. I do consider my skills average with website design using all the Macromedia products and have also developed several applications in MS ACCESS. I would now like to try MySQL along with PHP. Here is my situtation and maybe someone can tell me which course I need to take.

I plan on loading Apache, MySQL and PHP on my local machine. Currently have a 60 gig HD and also an extra 20 gig HD I could install if needed. Currently running Windows XP Pro but would like to load Linux to run MySQL and PHP on. I could partition the current 60 gig or install the 20 gig to run on.

I guess my question is which would be the easiest to setup and confiqure to run the MySQL & PHP on, the partition or the extra 20 gig HD? I also read something somewhere that suggested it would be best to run the MySQL on separate partition than the personal webserver etc.

Advise Please..or maybe point me to a good tutorial on this matter..

Thanks in advance

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Postby DutchBen » Tue Oct 29, 2002 12:09 pm

This might not be the techy way to do it but there's a package out there called PhpTriad that installs Apache, Php and Mysql all at once on you PC (also working with XP). I use it for testing and offline development, works fine and saves you the hasle of partitioning

Greetz Ben

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