sessions not working properly.

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sessions not working properly.

Postby JediMaster » Sat Mar 20, 2004 6:17 am

Hi all,

I come to you today because I've spent 2 days looking everywhere to solve my problem, without success. Here it is:

I have a 2 frames. On the left frame, i have a login script, common one, where I store in $_SESSION the username, pwd, etc...

When the user is authenticated, by a DB call, I try then to load something specific, depending on his rights, on the right frame. Do to so, I try to get back the $_SESSION info in the other frame.

The nasty part:
I print_r the $_SESSION in the 2 frames to debug.
left frame: OK.
right frame: empty array.

My code works on my ISP, but not at home where I try to mirror the ISP for convenient development.

Last thing:
I am using PHP 4.1.2 (same as PHP engine on the distant server)
Apache 1.3.23 (server: 1.3.20).
my dir under XP is:
session.save_path ="C:\Program Files\php-4.1.2-Win32\sessiondata"

I can see that the session file is created, but it is empty. Normal?

What do you think??

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Re: sessions not working properly.

Postby WiZARD » Wed Mar 24, 2004 3:43 am

zip all script and php.ini and send at the

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