Setup mysql user,passwd,db for make test

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Setup mysql user,passwd,db for make test

Postby vitantonio » Fri Mar 21, 2014 6:24 am


I am compiling php 5.5.10 from source on Mac OSX Mavericks and ubuntu server 13.10. Everything goes fine except I cannot get the mysql/mysqli tests to run. By default they are set up to use user 'root', no password, db 'test'. I have removed the root user and test db from mysql for security reasons. I set up a special user, password, and db specifically for the php tests. After investigating I found '' files in the tests directory that assign the user, password and db to use for the tests:

Code: Select all

$user = getenv("MYSQL_TEST_USER") ? getenv("MYSQL_TEST_USER") : "root";
$passwd  = getenv("MYSQL_TEST_PASSWD")  ? getenv("MYSQL_TEST_PASSWD") : "";
$db = getenv("MYSQL_TEST_DB") ? getenv("MYSQL_TEST_DB") : "test";

Soo... I ran make test with:

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export MYSQL_TEST_USER='jonniebegood'
export MYSQL_TEST_PASSWD='whatever'
export MYSQL_TEST_DB='test-for-php'
make test

This does NOT work. The tests still run with root, no password, db test. I have even put the MYSQL_... environment variables in my ~/.profile and opened a new shell but with the same results. I finally just modified the '' files (forcing my values) and the tests ran fine.

What am I missing? :(

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