Using Xampp on local host, PHP not being recognized

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Using Xampp on local host, PHP not being recognized

Postby thamarai » Thu Jun 07, 2012 1:15 am

Hello All, I am a noob at PHP. I installed xampp on localhost to create a joomla site. The site works fine locally when testing with browsers. The phpinfo() in the xampp welcome page brings up all the specifications of installed php just fine. Then I decided to learn php properly, created a test folder in htdocs, and then tried this example from w3schools ( When I run them, i saw that in all the browsers the php portion was not working. Then I tried even simpler examples and php is just not being recognized. For example something simple as this:

Code: Select all

<br />
// print output
echo 'Hello World!';

when I run this file, the browser only displays 'welcome!'.
What am I doing wrong :( Please help me out...

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