Magic quotes and php5.ini problem

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Magic quotes and php5.ini problem

Postby Hobittual » Wed Mar 28, 2012 8:54 am

Hi. I have installed Commentic to Goddady Linux server. I am attempting to disable magic quotes. I have been told to edit the php.ini file and add three lines of code.
magic_quotes_gpc = Off;
magic_quotes_runtime = Off;
magic_quotes_sybase = Off;
This is the entire content of the file?

Trouble is, firstly there was no php.ini file, which on my server I must use as php5.ini, that I could edit. So I was told to create a file and install it in my root directory. It has not worked.
I have seen, via searching, that other folks have very large php(5).ini files that I could copy and edit but they seem dedicated to other applications?
I really don't know where to go with this, but it is making a big difference to my commentic script.
It would be great if someone had a php.ini file I could copy.

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