Session is not working on remote server

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Session is not working on remote server

Postby flosky » Wed Mar 14, 2012 6:49 am

Hi everybody,

I am developing a website with the CakePhp 2.0 framework.
On my machine (Fedora 16, apache2, mysql, php5) everything is working fine. I can tell cake to save my session data in the database, so when I want to use load balancing this will still work.
When I upload the project to a test server on the web (Ubuntu 10.4, apache2, php5) there is no session data at all saved to the database. I do have a session cookie though and I can read from and write to database.
I let the php settings untouched. When I check phpinfo(); on both machines everything looks the same. Sessions are definately enabled. The source code is also the same since I just pull it from the central git repo.

Is there anything else that could mess this up?? Read/Write permissions, php settings, database settings???

Any ideas would be greatly appretiated!


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