php 5.2.17 with sambar 5.3 windows 2000

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php 5.2.17 with sambar 5.3 windows 2000

Postby gdisselkamp1 » Tue Feb 15, 2011 7:19 am

Ok so i am having a problem with php 5.2.17 on sambar 5.3 evaluation with windows 2000. I have done all types of installs and nothing works. When i test a php page i see it hit the server but the page is completely blank where i should see some text. If i install php and create a php file should that file have a little php icon showing it would be open with php. because right now it looks like a text file. I have tried everything and nothing work. created paths changed extension set up isapi on sambar but for some reason it just wont read the file. all i want to do is have a simple email form from flash that is associated with a php file but i can get it to work. any help with finding a simple php install would be great. If i can see the php file hit the server i dont think i need to buy the pro license of sambar

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