Problem Enabling Fastcgi While Compiling PHP On OSX

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Problem Enabling Fastcgi While Compiling PHP On OSX

Postby PHPn00bieDude » Fri Sep 10, 2010 5:38 pm


First my specs: 27" 2.8 GHz i7 iMac running Snow Leopard 10.6.4

According to the Read Me file that comes with the PHP source, in order to add fastcgi support to PHP when compiling in the Terminal, I am supposed to use the parameter "--enable-fastcgi".

I don't do a lot of compiling in the Terminal, but I assumed that this means that after navigating to the php-5.3.3 directory, I should use this:

./configure --enable-fastcgi

However, after PHP compiles, I am getting this message:


Thank you for using PHP.

Notice: Following unknown configure options were used:


Check './configure --help' for available options


I tried several times and got the same result, so I just finished the compile with "make" and "make install".

I reasoned that maybe I didn't have the "fastcgi" library on my system, so a short while ago, I downloaded it, compiled the source, and installed it in usr/local/ib, which appears to be its default location, as I didn't change the path during compilation.

However, even after installing fastcgi, I am still getting the same message whenever I try to add the "--enable-fastcgi" to ./configure for PHP.

I next did as the Terminal suggested and looked at the help list of parameters, and "--enable-fastcgi" is not even included in the list.

So, I am wondering, does this compiled "php-cgi" file already have fastcgi support by default, or am I missing something?

On a related note, this is for my web server, so am I correct in assuming that I just need to take the "php.ini-development" file that was included in the source, rename it to just "php.ini", and put that on my server together with the "php-cgi" file, which I have renamed to simply "php"?

Thanks in advance. As you can tell, I am very new to all of this, so please be patient with me. Thanks again.

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