Install Imagick on Mac OSX 10.6.8

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Install Imagick on Mac OSX 10.6.8

Postby josephtyler » Fri Oct 14, 2011 9:48 am

I'm trying to install Imagick using "pecl install imagick" on my mac. I keep getting this error:

checking ImageMagick MagickWand API configuration program... configure: error: not found. Please provide a path to MagickWand-config or Wand-config program.
ERROR: `/private/tmp/pear/temp/imagick/configure --with-imagick' failed

There doesn't seem to be a place to provide a path for MagickWand-config although it's located in '/opt/local/bin/MagickWand-config'.

If you have any insight that would be very helpful. Thanks.

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